Medical cannabis work

Hannah works across the medical cannabis sector: in business, in education and by supporting families of children with epilepsy.

Hannah Deacon for Maple Tree Consultants - the medical cannabis experts

Maple Tree

Hannah works to develop an ethical medical cannabis industry, supporting businesses, individuals and patients to overcome challenges. With key insight into patients and their needs, Hannah strives to ensure the patient is at the centre of the conversation in this developing sector. ​

Businesses & individuals come to Maple Tree when they’re looking for clarity, when they’re wrapped up in red tape and when they want to give their business the best opportunity for success.

The Maple Tree team support a varied range of medical cannabis companies from clinics to importers and producers. 


MedCan Support provide free resources and educational material on medical cannabis, the endocannabinoid system and the positive outcomes cannabis-treatment has had on so many people throughout the UK.


Founders Matt Hughes, Dr Callie Seaman and Hannah set up MedCan to provide a central forum to educate and inform parents, carers and families about medical cannabis so they could work with their doctors to make informed decisions on their loved ones' care.


By providing a safe space for everyone to ask questions about medical cannabis, MedCan Support can begin to improve confidence and advocate for their children or family members healthcare needs.

Hannah Deacon for MedCan Support - a safe space for families
Hannah Deacon on the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society - industry experts

The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society

As Patient Advocate and Executive Director, Hannah fights to overcome barriers to medical cannabis in the UK, supporting better education to ensure patients right across the country get the access they need and the help they deserve.

The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society gives clinicians the opportunity to share practical knowledge, develop transparent and independent guidance and lead the conversation as doctors in the sector.

Cannabis Health Podcast

What's Your Why?


In a podcast for Cannabis Health Magazine, medical cannabis experts, Professor Mike Barnes and campaigner Hannah Deacon sit down with Cannabis Health and their guests to find out why cannabis matters to them.

In the podcast, Hannah and Mike discover how cannabis has changed their guest’s lives, what makes them tick, why they do what they do and what they think needs to improve for patients.

Cannabis Health Podcast - Hannah Deacon & Professor Mike Barnes
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