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Alfie Dingley: Mum says he hasn't had epileptic fit for over 500 days because of medicinal cannabis

Alfie Dingley, who lives in Kenilworth and suffers with severe epilepsy, has now 506 days without fit - thanks to his medicinal cannabis treatment.

Before he started with the treatment, he was having up to 150 fits a week.

It's been three years since medicinal cannabis was licensed in the UK. For one boy with severe epilepsy from Warwickshire, it has proved life-changing.

His mum Hannah Deacon, who still spearheads the campaign despite Alfie receiving the drug, will travel with other families today to Westminster.

It's part of a series of engagements that will be carried out to highlight families’ struggle for NHS access.

Hannah Deacon said: “I am immensely grateful for the help Mr Javid gave my family."

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