Plea for more families to get prescription medicinal cannabis - BBC News, 2 November

.A mother who fought to get medicinal cannabis on the NHS to help her son's epilepsy is urging the government to make sure more families benefit.

Hannah Deacon's son Alfie was the first UK NHS patient given a long-term licence for medicinal cannabis in 2018.

Since then three NHS prescriptions have been issued, campaigners say.

Ms Deacon, of Kenilworth, Warwickshire, said Health Secretary Sajid Javid has the responsibility to sort the problem out.

She and campaign group End Our Pain lobbied for action on Tuesday.

Alfie's epileptic seizures improved since using the drug, Ms Deacon said, and it has been 500 days since his last seizure.

"It's so important that any other child like Alfie gets the chance to access this product as well," she said.

"Others remain blocked from NHS access to this vital medicine and are at emotional and financial breaking point."

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