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Meet Hannah

Medical cannabis expert

With an international reputation for pioneering change, Hannah Deacon is passionate about developing an ethical UK medical cannabis sector and supporting people to access this life-changing treatment. 

A journey into medical cannabis

Hannah's journey into this began with her son Alfie's story. Alfie Dingley was the first patient in the UK to receive a permanent cannabis licence which meant his doctors could prescribe what was then a schedule one drug on the NHS.

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A trusted expert in the
medical cannabis sector

Supporting leading businesses developing in the sector


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Patrick Stewart Medical Cannabis

"I want to use my voice to ensure patients & their loved ones are at the centre of developing the medical cannabis sector" - Hannah Deacon

“Hannah Deacon is an inspiring advocate for, an expert in, the rapidly developing field of medical cannabis. Her enthusiasm and knowledge were forged in the adversity and struggle of her successful fight to secure the first-ever long-term license for her son, Alfie Dingley, to use medical cannabis to help control his intractable epilepsy. Her success in this endeavour is widely acknowledged to have played a critical role in securing the landmark law change of November 2018.

Hannah is a nationally recognised expert in medical cannabis with an impressive network of contacts across the industry and Government. She has an in-depth understanding of the medical science involved, as well as being an expert in the legislative, regulatory and compliance aspects of the sector.”

- Peter Carroll, Tendo Consulting

“Hannah is the country’s leading advocate for medical use of cannabis.


She has unrivalled knowledge of the medicine, the politics of cannabis, the regulation of cannabis, the people who should be benefitting from cannabis and the business of cannabis.


There is simply no one better.”

- Professor Mike Barnes


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